Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Nutrip to booking through a travel agent?

Our major point of difference is that you don’t book travel in Nutrip. Nutrip is used to plan, budget and approve a trip, no matter the destination, form of transport or how it’s booked. Once approved, the individual has the flexibility to book as they need to, whether that’s direct with the supplier, online or through a preferred travel agent; there’s simply no limits.


Can I continue to book through my travel agent if I use Nutrip?

The short answer is yes, there’s no reason to discontinue using your preferred travel agent, in fact we actively encourage it.


Is NuTrip only accessible to individuals or can someone else create and manage trip plans on my behalf?

Nutrip has travel arranger capabilities built into the platform. This allows support staff to create and manage trip plans on behalf of internal and external personnel within their organisation. Travel arrangers can only access profiles if permission has been granted to them by the traveller.


What integrations does Nutrip provide?

Out of the box, we provide integrations with Auth0, Okta, Google, Microsoft 360, Concur, SAP and Xero. We also work with a host of industry partners and data sources to provide additional data services to our customers.


Where is our data stored and how secure is Nutrip?

Data is stored within Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure in Sydney. Our infrastructure is encrypted at rest with AES-256 encryption algorithms. Passwords for RDS database are managed and passed to backend services using AWS Secrets Manager. Customers access Nutrip over the internet using a secure https (TLS 1.2) connection.


How do I approve trips on the go?

Approvers can approve trip plans by clicking on buttons within their emails without needing to log into Nutrip. This makes it easy for approvers to approve trips on the go. Alternatively, approvers can log into Nutrip to review and approve trip requests directly from any device, including a laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Can somebody submit and finalise expenses on my behalf?

Travel arrangers can submit and finalise expense reports and travel diaries on behalf of any traveller that has given them permission to access their profile.


What happens if I change my travel request after it’s been sent for approval?

Changes made after a trip plan is approved can trigger reapproval depending on whether the travel dates have changed or the budget increases or a high-risk location is added to the original trip plan. Approval triggers are managed and updated by the customer’s administrator.


How do I know what my company’s travel policy is?

Travellers can access information on the organisation’s travel policy within Nutrip. The policy feature provides a step-by-step guide on what the traveller needs to do to manage their trip, including planning, approvals, booking travel, travel expenses, pre-trip procedures, whilst they are travelling and what they need to do to finalise their trip upon their return.


How can I manage my travel credits in Nutrip?

Travellers are able to track and manage any type of travel credit, including airline ticket credits, accommodation credits (and vouchers), deposits. This is a very handy feature given the amount of travel that’s been deferred over the past 12 to 18 months.


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