About Us

We’ve created software that gives organisations the systems and processes they need to manage their travel no matter where their people are going, how they are getting there and where they book. Our products and services are accessible to any organisation (big or small), is simple to use, offers complete transparency over traveller movements and expenditure, and encourages better compliance, community awareness and environmental sustainability.

Simon Crunden


My first travel job over 20 years ago was with Flight Centre making travel bookings for Melbournians looking to escape a harsh winter. It didn’t take long to work out booking travel wasn’t my forte and I moved into a sales role selling corporate travel solutions. A couple of years after that, I joined HRG where I ended up working with a team of account managers who were responsible for making sure our services were meeting the needs of our customers.

After spending far too much time away from a young family, I decided to throw away the corporate life to consult. This allowed me to work with organisations to help them develop better corporate travel programs. For the next twelve years, I worked for 14 universities within Australia, the whole of the Australian Government, the NSW Government, and several large corporate enterprises within the telecommunications, banking, logistics, retail, mining and energy sectors.

It was during this time, I developed Travel Analytics as I needed to provide customers access to accurate easy to digest data. The concept gained momentum, and before I knew it, I went from hacking up Excel online spreadsheets to a team of developers working on a full-blown cloud platform that served up fully interactive dashboards for over 2,500 organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Despite working on Travel Analytics for several years, my passion for developing better travel platforms never waned. Most corporate travel programs are bolted together; approval workflows, booking platforms, payment processes, expense management, and reporting solutions are all part of an organisation’s travel solution. This creates silos, issues with transparency, bad data outcomes, and in most cases, terrible user engagement. Very few organisations manage to get it right, and those that do, need to allocate significant resources to make it all work.

Nutrip is a collaborative effort between our customers and our highly skilled developers based right here in Melbourne. It’s designed to solve the problems organisations have with their travel programs. More and more travel is managed outside traditional travel booking platforms. We cannot ignore this trend especially given the growing need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people travelling at home and in other parts of the world.

Travel has changed and it will continue to do so. Nutrip is a formidable product and we improve it with every release. If you are looking for a new outlook for your organisation’s travel, then get in touch and hopefully we can show you a way forward.

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Chris Probert

Co-Founder and CEO

It has been rewarding to travel extensively across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia for the last 20 years.  In business, there is no substitute for quality face-to-face meetings and live human interaction.  However, business travel is a pain to organise, execute, and expense. The process is burdened with bureaucracy, policies, approvals, budgets, travel agents, paper receipts and laborious expense reporting systems!  The result is frustration amongst travellers and organisations feeling powerless to account for the money and improve things.

In so many ways, the world is going digital.  I have been intimately involved in the automotive industry’s revolution and the shift in propulsion from internal combustion to electric power.  To succeed, automotive companies will not only need compelling product, but they will also need holistic approach to customer experience.  Recharging solutions, over-the-air-updates, online retail models, and all manner of supporting services will separate the leaders from the laggards.

Business travel is also rapidly changing.  While there is a rush of new booking tools, it is important to consider all possibilities this digital change can bring to business travel.  Nutrip is born from challenging the existing industry assumptions, streamlining processes, and putting the customer first – both organisational customers and travellers.

I am passionate about providing innovative solutions to endemic problems and have driven growth across broad and culturally-diverse markets with the world’s leading automotive brands.  I am confident Nutrip will become the new industry benchmark and scaling it up is an exciting opportunity.  Together with Simon, I’m looking forward to showing organisations how much better business travel can be.