Nutrip’s travel software helps the health sector to continue delivering services

Through Travel Analytics, we have visibility over corporate travel spend data for more than 4,500 organisations.  Even without the data, it’s pretty obvious that aside from a few bright spots across resources, manufacturing and construction sectors, most businesses aren’t crossing borders much at the moment due to continued COVID-19 lockdowns. Health, disability, research and human service providers, have all seen significant reductions in their travel activity as well, however some essential workers still need to travel regularly.  Their role in providing important services and support to the community is critical.

Not surprisingly, these important institutions are placing greater oversight on their travel approval process. It’s serious enough that in many cases, essential travel is now requiring a senior executive (like the CEO) to assess and approve all requests directly. Familiar with most traditional travel approval solutions in the market, this will be creating new challenges with setup, process and limitations in technology.

In my experience guiding organisations with their corporate travel policies, discussions and solutions for ‘travel approvals’ had become customary.  However it’s never been a particularly exciting conversation to have, because sadly most technology solutions only go halfway to providing the proper insights that an approver actually needs to make an informed decision.  I won’t even get started with my thoughts on the lack of compliance transparency that ‘best fare of the day’ provides or the blind-spots that non-air and non-hotel related bookings create – that’s definitely for another time.

The point I’m trying to make is, that now more than ever, health organisations need to have a clear travel authorisation and risk management plan, especially if a certain location you serve becomes a hot spot.

The importance of approving all travel movements

Nutrip is a software platform that was initially built for our founding customer; one of Australia’s largest Universities, which has many similar travel requirements to research institutes as well as health and human service providers.  Nutrip’s catalyst was to simplify the management of travel in a complex and ever-evolving pandemic era. Our software allows increased booking flexibility and transparency, captures 65% more data and streamlines processes, all designed to keep people safe and compliant to policy and procedures.

We understand that health, aged care and disability support workers have continued to care for their patients throughout the pandemic. Often this work requires travelling between sites, especially for those supporting remote and regional areas.  We also understand that the approval process for ‘on the go’ is critical to ensure safety for everyone.

Intra-state travel can be complicated these days. Most of these trips are undocumented as traditional booking platforms don’t have the ability to book land arrangements, including travel by car, bus or rail.

Nutrip helps you manage all your unmanaged travel – no matter where your people go, how they get there and how they book their trip. 

It gives you an accurate picture of any travel undertaken by your organisation.

In a people-driven industry, it’s evident that employee welfare will always be top of mind. Nutrip understands this and our software is designed to help organisations plan and manage risks associated with intra and interstate travel through features like:

  • Simple to understand multi-level approval workflows to ensure people who travel are essential and compliant.
  • Traveller messaging functionality (are your staff seeing your important messages?); and
  • Customisable pre-trip assessments, COVID declarations and approvals to align with your internal risk management policies.
You and your team have shared visibility on the travel approvals required and their status.

Contact tracers are being sent from Western Australia and South Australia to states like New South Wales to help manage the spread of the Delta variant. Remote aboriginal communities are working overtime to provide resourcing and support while trying to minimise the amount of travel into these high-risk communities. Hospitals and health services are requiring more site support and instrument maintenance than ever before.

Often where travel is still occurring, it’s critical the organisations managing it are able to manage it well.

This means having a flexible and simple-to-use platform, which your people will actually use. From planning the initial trip to getting your people home safely, Nutrip is a simple platform to manage all your travel requirements.

How confident are you in your organisation’s current and future ability to manage its travel?

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