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Business travel to resume with the introduction of vaccine passports

International business travel has taken a major step forward with the vaccine passport trials expected to start in the coming days. According to reports in CNN Travel and The Guardian, Dan Tehan the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, announced on Sunday that trials would commence with major travel destinations, including Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom and the US.

The new digital vaccine passport is being developed by Accenture after they were awarded a contract to develop a platform to manage digital passenger declarations. According to reports, the digital vaccine passport will replace the existing incoming passenger cards and the COVID-19 Australian Travel Declarations web forms.

The development of the digital vaccine passport is a strong indication that borders are likely to open in the coming months which is a good sign for the return of business travel.

It’s been a tough 18 months for the Australian travel industry and the opening of its international borders is critical for the return of the sector.

In a push to get international flights into and out of Australia restarted, Qantas has thrown their considerable weight behind the vaccine rollout stating their employees will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as will passengers on their international flights.

“Having a fully vaccinated workforce will safeguard our people against the virus and protect our customers and the communities we fly to”, said Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.

Nutrip Founder and CEO Simon Crunden said they had developed COVID specific traveller declarations into their travel planning and pre-trip workflows. “Business travellers heading overseas will need to be vaccinated if they want to move about freely. Nutrip will give organisations the ability to manage and report on this and it will be critical to them.”, he said.

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