Nutrip launches new business travel management platform

Just over a year ago, we launched TripApprove – a platform designed and developed in Australia to allow universities and charities to manage their travel independently of a travel management company. Both universities and charities have diverse and complex travel requirements, tight budgets and stringent reporting requirements. This often means they have to arrange and book their travel outside traditional travel management service providers.

One year on, and it’s sobering to reflect on the year it’s been. I write this from Melbourne where we’re enduring our sixth lockdown. A fortnight ago we marked our 200th day of lockdown. Frustratingly, the Delta variant continues to spread and our doughnut days appear long gone, which is playing havoc as lockdowns and border restrictions limit our ability to travel.

However, despite the challenges, corporate travel has never stopped. In many cases, it can’t, as organisations and their employees are needed to provide essential services to people and communities across the globe. However, how organisations plan, book and manage travel has become a lot more complex – and is likely to remain this way for the foreseeable future. This has been evident as we work closely with our customers and their clients across our TripApprove and Travel Analytics platforms.

As TripApprove’s features have evolved, in line with early adopters’ feedback, we have realised the platform, and the functionality within it, extends far beyond helping organisations approve travel plans. It seems to have outgrown its original name.

This leads me to my big news….

I’m excited to announce our rebrand to Nutrip today!

Nutrip reads as “new trip”. And that’s exactly the point at which we aim to start making travel easier for organisations – from the moment you start considering planning a new trip.

Nutrip’s goal is to help ALL organisations, from all industries. Covid-19 has affected the entire travel landscape indiscriminately. We believe Nutrip has the functionality to help your organisation manage its travel, whether you’re an SME with 20 travellers or a large enterprise with thousands of concurrent travel plans.

We believe Nutrip is the difference between booking travel and managing travel. Our mission is to make it simple for organisations to collect the information they need to manage travel in an increasingly complex world.

Nutrip’s functionality and workflows are designed to help organisations to:

  • Capture all travel movements, beyond the initial TMC booking, including road trips and journeys completed by rail and sea;
  • Manage the entire travel expenditure process from the initial budget creation through to submitting and tracking expenses to the trip budget to integration with your ERP or preferred account software;
  • Streamline difficult to manage activities, including high risk and dual-purpose travel, pre-trip health checks, trip finalisation and reporting requirements;
  • Capture and consolidate travel-related data within one easy-to-access location;
  • Manage trips booked through their preferred travel management company or directly suppliers;
  • Manage travel supplier credits, including air tickets, accommodation vouchers, non-refundable deposits and travel referrals; and
  • Manage compliance with your travel policy and procedures.
  • Or to sum it up – Nutrip helps you manage what is currently unmanaged in your organisation’s travel program.

The best part? All this can be available to your organisation straight out of the box, and in most cases, we can have you up and running on Nutrip within a matter of minutes.

We believe Nutrip will make managing travel easier for your people and therefore your organisation, especially in our current landscape of ever-changing rules.

If you or your team continue to travel, please reach out – I’d love to show you how Nutrip can transform travel within your organisation.


Simon Crunden – Founder

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